Strong's Number 2232

hegemon {hayg-em-ohn'}
Word Origin:
from 2233
Part of Speech:
noun masculine
Usage in the KJV:
governor 19, ruler 2, prince 1

Total: 22
  1. a leader of any kind, a guide, ruler, prefect, president, chief, general, commander, sovereign
    1. a "legatus Caesaris", an officer administering a province in the name and with the authority of the Roman emperor
      1. the governor of a province
    2. a procurator, an officer who was attached to a proconsul or a proprietor and had charge of the imperial revenues
      1. in causes relating to these revenues he administered justice. In the smaller provinces also, which were so to speak appendages of the greater, he discharged the functions of governor of the province; and such was the relation of the procurator of Judaea to the governor of Syria.
    3. first, leading, chief
    4. of a principal town as the capital of the region