Strong's Number 2455

Ioudas {ee-oo-das'}
Word Origin:
of Hebrew origin 3063
Part of Speech:
noun masculine
Usage in the KJV:
Judas (Iscariot) 22, Juda (Son of Jacob) 7, Judah (Son of Jacob) 1, Judas (Son of Jacob) 2, Judas (Brother of James) 3, Jude (Brother of James) 1, Judas Barsabas 3, Juda (Ancestors of Jesus 2, misc 4

Total: 45
Judah or Judas = "he shall be praised"
  1. the fourth son of Jacob
  2. an unknown ancestor of Christ
  3. a man surnamed the Galilean, who at the time of the census of Quirinus, excited the revolt in Galilee, Acts 5:37
  4. a certain Jew of Damascus, Acts 9:11
  5. a prophet surnamed Barsabas, of the church at Jerusalem, Acts 15:22,27,32
  6. the apostle, Jn 14:22, who was surnamed Lebbaeus or Thaddaeus, and according to opinion wrote the Epistle of Jude.
  7. the half-brother of Jesus, Mt. 13:55
  8. Judas Iscariot, the apostle who betrayed Jesus