Strong's Number 4098

pipto {pip'-to} a reduplicated and contracted form of peto {pet'-o}
Word Origin:
, (which occurs only as an alternate in certain tenses), probably akin to 4072 through the idea of alighting
Part of Speech:
Usage in the KJV:
fall 69, fall down 19, light 1, fail 1

Total: 90
  1. to descend from a higher place to a lower
    1. to fall (either from or upon)
      1. to be thrust down
    2. metaph. to fall under judgment, came under condemnation
  2. to descend from an erect to a prostrate position
    1. to fall down
      1. to be prostrated, fall prostrate
      2. of those overcome by terror or astonishment or grief or under the attack of an evil spirit or of falling dead suddenly
      3. the dismemberment of a corpse by decay
      4. to prostrate one's self
      5. used of suppliants and persons rendering homage or worship to one
      6. to fall out, fall from i.e. shall perish or be lost
      7. to fall down, fall into ruin: of buildings, walls etc.
    2. to be cast down from a state of prosperity
      1. to fall from a state of uprightness
      2. to perish, i.e come to an end, disappear, cease
        1. of virtues
      3. to lose authority, no longer have force
        1. of sayings, precepts, etc.
      4. to be removed from power by death
      5. to fail of participating in, miss a share in