Strong's Number 1125

grapho {graf'-o}
Word Origin:
a root word
Part of Speech:
Usage in the KJV:
write 206, writing 1, describe 1, vr write 1

Total: 209
  1. to write, with reference to the form of the letters
    1. to delineate (or form) letters on a tablet, parchment, paper, or other material
  2. to write, with reference to the contents of the writing
    1. to express in written characters
    2. to commit to writing (things not to be forgotten), write down, record
    3. used of those things which stand written in the sacred books (of the OT)
    4. to write to one, i.e. by writing (in a written epistle) to give information, directions
  3. to fill with writing
  4. to draw up in writing, compose