Strong's Number 2476

histemi {his'-tay-mee} a prolonged form of a primary stao {stah'-o}
Word Origin:
(of the same meaning, and used for it in certain tenses)
Part of Speech:
Usage in the KJV:
stand 116, set 11, establish 5, stand still 4, stand by 3, misc 17, vr stand 2

Total: 158
  1. to cause or make to stand, to place, put, set
    1. to bid to stand by, [set up]
      1. in the presence of others, in the midst, before judges, before members of the Sanhedrin;
      2. to place
    2. to make firm, fix establish
      1. to cause a person or a thing to keep his or its place
      2. to stand, be kept intact (of family, a kingdom), to escape in safety
      3. to establish a thing, cause it to stand
        1. to uphold or sustain the authority or force of anything
    3. to set or place in a balance
      1. to weigh: money to one (because in very early times before the introduction of coinage, the metals used to be weighed)
  2. to stand
    1. to stand by or near
      1. to stop, stand still, to stand immovable, stand firm
        1. of the foundation of a building
    2. to stand
      1. continue safe and sound, stand unharmed, to stand ready or prepared
      2. to be of a steadfast mind
      3. of quality, one who does not hesitate, does not waiver