Strong's Number 1875

darash {daw-rash'}
Word Origin:
a primitive root
Part of Speech:
Usage in the KJV:
seek 84, enquire 43, require 12, search 7, misc 18

Total: 164
  1. to resort to, seek, seek with care, enquire, require
    1. (Qal)
      1. to resort to, frequent (a place), (tread a place)
      2. to consult, enquire of, seek
        1. of God
        2. of heathen gods, necromancers
      3. to seek deity in prayer and worship
        1. God
        2. heathen deities
      4. to seek (with a demand), demand, require
      5. to investigate, enquire
      6. to ask for, require, demand
      7. to practice, study, follow, seek with application
      8. to seek with care, care for
    2. (Niphal)
      1. to allow oneself to be enquired of, consulted (only of God)
      2. to be sought, be sought out
      3. to be required (of blood)