Strong's Number 7442

ranan {raw-nan'}
Word Origin:
a primitive root
Part of Speech:
Usage in the KJV:
sing 20, rejoice 11, sing aloud 4, shout 4, shout for joy 3, sing for joy 2, crieth 2, cry out 2, shout aloud 1, misc 3

Total: 52
  1. to overcome
    1. (Hithpolel) to be overcome
  2. to cry out, shout for joy, give a ringing cry
    1. (Qal)
      1. to give a ringing cry (in joy, exaltation, distress)
      2. to cry aloud (in summons, exhortation of wisdom)
    2. (Piel) to give a ringing cry (in joy, exultation, praise
    3. (Pual) ringing cry, singing out (passive)
    4. (Hiphil) to cause to ring or sing out (for joy)
    5. (Hithpolel) rejoicing (participle)